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With WinZip for Mac 2.0 or later, you can right-click (or press CTRL and click) your saved Zip files and use the Context Menu to unzip them. Click on Services at the bottom of the Context menu, then choose Unzip, Email as Zip File and Add to Zip. Jan 24, 2020 If you know the name and password of an admin account on your Mac, you can use that account to reset the password. Log in with the name and password of the other admin account. Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu, then click Users & Groups.

'Any good zip password cracker for recommending? I downloaded a movie with an encrypted zip. This is a movie I really want to watch. How do I crack the zip password?'

Zip For Mac Password Manager

Sometimes the zip downloaded from the Internet is set with a password, the decompression requires a password, which is very annoying.

Sometimes it is very helpless forgetting the zip encryption password that set by yourself.

This article compiles 3 effective solutions of Zip/WinZip files password cracker. I hope that will help you.

Part 1. The Best Zip Password Cracker - Password Genius

If you are not satisfied with the online zipped file password crackers, or if you are concerned about file privacy issues, then you can use ultimate zip cracker - Password Genius. Offline crack zip password, no need to worry about file privacy issues, and passwords within 3 characters, it is free to crack.

And apart from cracking RAR password, it's also able to recover forgot Excel password, word document password, PDF password and more.

Step 1. Install Password Genius to PC. Launch it and select Recover Passwords for Files and Archives.

Step 2. Choose the 'ZIP Password Recovery' mode from the interface.

Step 3. Select the encrypted ZIP file into the box beside the folder icon.

Step 4. Now you can start to select the type of attack to crack the zip password. there are 4 types of attack and its settings.

Brute-force: Apply it if you remember the password length and character type. Just tick the range option you know, then click to Start.

Lost Mac Password

Mask: Apply it if you remember the exact length of the password and part of the password.

Enter the known part of the password and use the '?' character replace the unknown part. Don't forget to tick the range option.

Dictionary: Apply it if multiple backfills, but not sure which one is the right one.

Create a TXT file and or use the default dictionary. Import the TXT file by clicking Select Dictionary under Dictionary mode.

Click the Next arrow, then enter your name (it'll only be used to personalize some apps).Image credit: TechRadar3. Log into your Google accountClick ‘Continue’, then log in using your Google account. Instagram desktop macbook. Install the Instagram appYou'll now see a version of the Google Play Store. Review the terms of service and, if you agree, click ‘OK’.The next checkboxes are completely optional; if you’re only using BlueStacks to upload to Instagram, feel free to uncheck them all. Search for Instagram (the search bar is in the top right), select the official app when it appears and click Install.

Smart: Apply it if you totally don't know the anything of zip password. No need to set anything but it takes a long time.

Quite a great WinRAR password cracker, isn't it? If you want to recover password more quickly, the popular PassFab for ZIP is a good choice. It uses advanced algorithms to increase the cracking speed by 40X. Importantly, even the latest AES encryption can be easily cracked.

Part 2. Zip/WinZip Password Cracker Online

Password-online.com is also a zip password cracker online, but its services are not free. It charges 10 euros per time.

Mac Password Crack

Before it asks you to pay, it will take a screenshot of the contents of the encrypted zip file, indicating that it has been successfully cracked. Therefore, you just need to upload the zip file you want to crack last time, wait for the website to crack, and then you can get the file after payment.

The shortcoming of this method is also a privacy issue, which is easily attacked by cyber hackers and leads to privacy leaks.

Part 3. Use Free Online Converter to Get Rid of Zip Password

Zip converter is an online zip file password cracker for free. Its principle is to re-convert it to zip format, completely destroying the password in the original zip file. For example, convert .zip to .rar, and do it again, convert rar to zip format.

(Updated: After trying this method in person, I found that it didn't work at all. It still requires a password.)


Step 1. Go to online-convert.com and click on 'Choose Files' to upload the encrypted zip file.

Step 2. After the upload is complete, click on 'Start Conversion'.

Step 3. The encrypted zip file will be uploaded to the server and conversion will begin.

Step 4. After the conversion is complete, download the zip file and open it without using any password.

Note: If your zip file is about trade secrets or personal privacy information, I don't recommend using online conversion services. The online service will generate a copy of the data after the file is uploaded, which will jeopardize your information security.

The Bottom Line

The above is all the contents of zip password cracker. It is rare to see software or web sites with free crack zip passwords, and even if there is, the success rate is not very high. If the file in the encrypted zip is really important, you should consider paying for a professional program to crack the zip password.

Zip For Mac Password Unlocker

Finally, if you have any question or suggestion to help us improve the post, you are welcome to leave your words on the below. We greatly appreciate it.

Instructions for using the Terminal to create password protected zip files in Mac.

  1. Create a Folder on the Desktop.
  2. Place the Files you wish to Zip within the folder.
  3. Select the Search Icon in the upper right corner.
  4. Search for the Terminal.
  5. Select Terminal.
  6. Enter zip -er NAMEOFZIPFILE.zip
  7. Enter a space.
  8. Drag and Drop the Folder on the desktop into the terminal.
  9. Select Enter/Return.
  10. Enter a Password.
    NOTE: It will not visually display anything to know you are typing when entering a password.
  11. Reenter the Password.
  12. Select Enter/Return.
  13. To get to the new ZIP file, select Finder then All My Files.

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Zip Password Mac Recovery

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