Download EditiX XML Editor and test it for free for 30 days for commercial usage. This allows you to try EditiX XML Editor for free before you buy it. There are no restrictions and you don't have to register.

Version : 17.2
Build : 120520
Evaluation : 30 days(5 days for previous usage)

Download Oxygen XML.Editor for Mac Free. It is full Latest Version setup of Oxygen XML.Editor Premium Pro DMG for Apple Macbook OS X. Brief Overview of Oxygen XML.Editor for Mac OS X Oxygen XML.Editor for MacOS X is an imposing Java XML editor that lets you to develop in a very well organized environment projects that rely on various different. The Best Free XML Tools app downloads for Mac: XMLSpear Xliff Editor XMLmotor Prefs Editor htmlXPress XLIFF to Word Lite XLIFF to Word CAM XML Editor.


Release information

Binaries - Professional 2020 Edition


Windows (2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10)Download (97 Mb)
Windows (2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10) - 64 bits (requires a Java VM 64bits)Download (56 Mb)
Mac/Unix/Linux/ZIPDownload (53 Mb)
Mac OS X/DMGDownload (100Mb)
Mac OS X/ZIPDownload (53 Mb)

Open Source GIT directory - Community 2017 Edition

Comparison Professional / Community

XML Editor (content assistant, validation..)xx
XSLT Editor basicxx
XSLT Editor enhancedx
W3C Schema Editorx
ZIP Browserx
XML Data basex
JavaScript Editorx
XML Diffx
JSON Editorx
Regular updatex

Installation instructions :

For Windows

The default install contains a Java VM version. Windows may complain when running because a Java VM will be installed, it may require an administrator privilege before installing.

If you want to install yourself a Java VM, you need at least a Java VM 8. Then you may download the ZIP version and run editix only from the bin/editix.bat command.

If you want to install the 64 bits version, you need to install a 64 bits Java version before.

For Mac/Unix/Linux

Xml Viewer Mac Os X Free

You need at least a Java VM 8.x. You may download it from this page. Open a terminal/console and use 'java -version' for checking your current version.

Mac OS X / ZIP, here the steps.

Note : OpenJDK has too many bugs for running editix, use official Java VM from oracle.

Mac OS X / DMG, you may have a message the file is corrupted. This is due to a security from Mac OS X for application outside the APPStore.

- Go to Apple menu > System Preferences, and then click on the Security & Privacy icon.

  • - Under the General tab, look in the setting for “Allow apps downloaded from” and you should see that the app you tried to open was noticed by the operating system. Click the Open Anyway button to open that new app.
  • Note for Mac OS Sierra (>13) : You must use the ZIP version

Open Xml Mac Os X

For Running from the command line

From the bin directory :* : Starting EditiX for a unix/linux and mac os x platform

editix.bat : Starting EditiX for a windows platform.* : Running a scenario for a unix/linux and mac os x platform.

scenario.bat : Running a scenario for a windows platform.

* Use the command chmod u+x scriptname make the script executable or inside your window manager changing the permission to 'execute'.

For the Community 2017 Edition

git clone

You need a Java VM (JDK for compiling) and Ant.

Xml Diff Mac Os X

Uninstalling instructions :

The following procedure will remove EditiX XML Editor from your system. Be sure that all valuable data stored in the install folder is saved to another location.

  • - On Windows use the appropriate uninstaller shortcut
  • - On Mac OS X and Unix manually delete the installation folder and all its contents

For removing all the editix's preferences, please delete the directory YOUR_HOME_DIRECTORY/.editix

Download old versions

Mac hotkey for search. Download EditiX XML Editor 2018
Download EditiX XML Editor 2017

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