Using LambdaTest, you can test your website and web applications with Internet Explorer on Mac machines.

Perform automated cross browser testing of internet explorer on mac with a scalable, secure, and reliable online Selenium grid at a fraction of cost. Learn more

Each Selenium Grid consists of exactly one hub. The hub needs to be reachable from the respective clients (i.e. CI server, Developer machine etc.) The hub will. Selenium Grid supports multiple operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS. It also supports several browsers such as Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Android. The Hub acts as a bridge, which receives the test execution request and distributes it to the available nodes or keeps them in queue until any stop sending or receiving.

How to install Selenium WebDriver on Mac OS X 10.7.5 supporting Chrome, Firefox and safari? What I have to set, where to install. Selenium Cross Browser Testing Grid Online. Run Selenium automation tests on a scalable, secure, and reliable cloud based Selenium grid. Perform automated cross browser testing of your locally hosted or privately hosted pages across 2000+ browsers and deliver perfect experience across all browsers, browser versions and operating systems. If your Appium server is running on a different machine to your Selenium Grid server, make sure you use an external name/IP address in your host & url docs; localhost and will prevent Selenium Grid from connecting correctly.

Perform live interactive cross browser testing of internet explorer on mac for your public or locally hosted websites and web apps on real operating system.Learn more
Auto-generate full-paged screenshots of your web pages of internet explorer on mac on your choice of device and resolutions with a single click to perform visual cross browser testing.Learn more
With just one click, check the responsiveness of your website or web apps of internet explorer on mac across different IE versions and device screen sizes.Learn more
Perform visual regression testing on your layouts and identify bugs with a single click of internet explorer on mac. Make sure that your layout iterations are free of visual deviations that may be introduced in new builds.Learn more

Are you using Mac and want to perform test on Internet Explorer?

Well, You landed on the right place. With LambdaTest, you can access all the latest browser versions of most used browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer directly from your Mac machine. You don't need to hop to other systems to fulfill your testing needs. No need to set up in-house infrastructure. You can test on dev and beta versions of Internet Explorer too.

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Scalable Selenium Grid Built For Speed

Drastically reduce your build times and speed up your goto market. Run your Selenium automated tests in parallel on our on-demand scalable Selenium infrastructure and cut down on your build times multiple folds. Run tons of tests at once in parallel to speed up your testing time on our Selenium grid. Develop, test, and deliver faster every time with Selenium automation testing.

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Test Local Pages
for Internet Explorer On Mac

You can perform live interactive cross browser testing of localhost web pages or web apps on cloud by establishing a secure shell tunnel with LambdaTest. You can also test local files and folders on LambdaTest cloud servers. Test your locally hosted or privately hosted pages on real browsers running on real operating systems.

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Selenium Cross Browser Testing Grid Online

Run Selenium automation tests on a scalable, secure, and reliable cloud based Selenium grid. Perform automated cross browser testing of your locally hosted or privately hosted pages across 2000+ browsers and deliver perfect experience across all browsers, browser versions and operating systems. We build and maintain automation testing infrastructure for you so that you can focus on what you do best, build awesome products.

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More Reasons To Love LambdaTest

It's not just about infrastructure, you get a whole range of complimentary features that will make your browser testing experience smoother and help you ship products faster.

Integrated Debugging

Integrated developer tools to help you debug issues in live testing on Edge Browsers.

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Locally Hosted
Web Testing

Local hosted web testing to save your website or web application from after deployment bugs.

Geo Location Testing

Test from different locations to make sure your users get perfect experience across all locations.

Geolocation Testing For Internet Explorer On macOS

Test your website on Internet Explorer On macOS online from different locations on 2000+ browsers to assure pixel perfect experience across the globe. You can test for Geo Targeting, Geo Blocking, Geo Localization across 27+ countries including India, Japan, United States, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia and more.


Faster Automated Screenshot Testing On IE For mac

LambdaTest Automated Screenshot Generation feature helps you rapidly test your app’s layout on Microsoft Internet Explorer browser and Edge browser if you are using Mac machine. No need to hop to Windows machine to fulfill your testing needs.

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Mark as a Bug

While performing cross browser testing on latest and oldest Microsoft Internet Explorer for Mac with LambdaTest, you can also mark your bug directly from LambdaTest to any bug management tool like: JIRA, Asana, Trello or move it to Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, Bugherd, Mantis or also communicate over Slack.

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Seamless Collaboration

Integrate LambdaTest with your favorite tool and save yourself from manually managing bugs and tasks. Also fits with your CI/CD pipeline.

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For all web and mobile developers out there, I totally recommend LambdaTest!!!
@LambdaTest greatly reduced my team’s overall testing time and release time. Awesome tool!
Allowed us to tackle problems we didn’t even know existed before. Nice Tool @LambdaTest
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