1. Reset Password Mac Terminal
  2. Find Passwords On Mac

The passwords for all accounts on macOS Mojave 10.14, macOS Sierra, OSX 10.11 El Capitan, OSX 10.10 Yosemite, OSX 10.9 Mavericks and OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion including admin and standard user accounts can be reset and changed when booted from the Recovery Partition on macOS.

Use the Command Line — In early versions of Mac OS X, the command line was the best way to. ALTER USER 'root'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'NEW-ROOT-PASSWORD'; FLUSH PRIVILEGES; The reason: Homebrew will create a user with root privileges named by the current MacOS username. It has no password; Since it has all privileges, just reset the root password with that user. The initial password for root was randomly generated.

Boot into Recovery Partition

  1. To reset your superuser password, login to any other Admin account, enable root user, then su, then sudo passwd Note: Blank or empty password for root will not allow sudo or su commands; will simply give error: 'Sorry' To enable root user via terminal: dsenableroot To disable root user: dsenableroot -d. Tested Mac 10.6.8.
  2. Reboot the Mac, as soon as the screen turns back on or you hear the boot chime sound, start.
  3. This post explains how to reset the MySQL root user on a Mac running OS 10.10. This procedure is for the case that you are unable to log in as the root user and need to reset the root user’s password. Note that there are 2 colored sets of examples. One is for MySQL installed by Brew. 1) Stop the MySQL server.

Reset Password Mac Terminal

Reboot into the Recovery Drive by choosing the ‘Apple‘ menu > Restart, hold down the ‘command’ + ‘r’ keys on the keyboard during the start up process, when you see the start up screen you can let go. When the machine boots eventually you will see the macOS or OS X Utilities screen.

Reset Root Password For Mac

Go to the Utilites menu and select Terminal

At the prompt type ‘resetpassword’ (hit enter)

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This launches the Reset Password screen, select the Volume Hard Drive in the top part of the window pane, then for the user that you need to reset select the user account in the lower part then add and confirm the new password and click save, you get a confirmation screen and details about the keychain account.

Go to the Apple Menu and click Restart to boot back to the normal hard drive and the new password will take effect immediately.

Find Passwords On Mac

If you are using macOS Mojave the screen you see is a little friendlier, just select the account you want to reset the password on and follow the instructions.

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