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Rdp Or Vnc For Mac

Best Vnc For Mac

Vnc for mac free

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Rdp Or Vnc For Mac Catalina

Is there any way to use RDP protocol to connect from Windows *to* Mac OS X?
VNC is way too flakey.
ARD isn't really an option (unless I have totally missed ARD admin for Windows..)
So anything like rdesktop to be built.?
I need to be able to do at least everything VNC allows to, but can't afford losing the connection every now and then. Of VNC on PC side I've tried all the most common ones, of which Tight VNC Viewer seems the most stable.
MS RDP and TSclientX work but the connection is the wrong way. I need it *to* the Macs.
Would some rdesktop server work? I don't mind building it or using X11 if that's what takes, but it needs to be stable.
Or some magical VNC that doesn't suck so much could be the next option.
10.5.x, all Intel.
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