In October 2016, Dungeon Keeper was released free of charge on, via its 'On The House' programme. Reception ReceptionAggregate scoreAggregatorScore92%Review scoresPublicationScore9/10A9/1017/2095%8/10Gamezilla93/100Dungeon Keeper received critical acclaim. Dungeon keeper for mac os. The game was available there free of charge for a few days in February 2014.

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1. I mounted the Multimedia folder from my Qnap NAS by dragging and dropping it to FInder's sidebar (AFP protocol).
2. I also added this mounted folder to my Login Items in System Settings so that this folder will be mounted automatically on login.
After some time Finder drops connection to my shared folder. I can still see the folder but when I click it to access it, it takes a few seconds for finder to connect to that folder again. This creates a problem for both, iTunes and Plex since my media is stored on my Qnap. iTunes and Plex 'think' that the Multimedia folder is unavailable and I have to manually click the Multimedia folder in Finder to connect to it before I can use iTunes or Plex. This is very annoying.

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Is this some kind of bug, a network setting, or system setting? How can make sure that Finder always stays connected to my shared mounted NAS folder?
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