To import iPhone pictures to Photos on macOS, follow the steps below:
1. Launch Photos app on macOS and connect your iPhone to MacBook, iMac, etc. via USB cable.
2. Tap 'Trust this Computer' on your iPhone when you receive a message.
3. Select photo items you wanna import to Photos for Mac. Or just choose 'Import All New Items'.
4. Pull your iPhone out of your Mac after the whole process is done.

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Photodesk Macos Gratis


Photodesk For Mac Os

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Photodesk For Macbook Pro

Note: if this is the first time for you to connect iPhone to Mac Photos app, please don't undo 'Open Photos for this device' option at the top menu. If you accidently undo this option, please disconnect your iPhone to Mac, shut down and reboot your iPhone. Then re-connect iPhone to Mac Photos app to import pictures again.

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Photodesk Mac Free

To export pictures from Photos app to Mac, do as following:
1. Choose the pictures you plan to export to macOS.
2. Click 'File' on the top toolbar of your MacBook/iMac > Tap 'Export' > Tick 'Export XX Photos'.
3. Select export image format (JPEG, TIFF, PNG), Info and File Naming > Click 'Export' button.
4. Open 'Finder' on MacBook, Mac Mini, iMac desktop to search and find the pictures you export.

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