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Lion introduces a long-requested 'copy and move' command in Finder, similar to 'cut and paste' in Windows Explorer. To move files in Finder first press Command+C to copy the selected files, then press Command+Option+V to move the copied files to the current folder. crarko adds: And the Finder menu item changes to 'Move Item Here.' Makes a lot more sense from a UI perspective than Cut and Paste. Netcut automatically scans your network and retrieves information on the connected machines, with dedicated tools to find a specific IP. Note: Users can get one month netCut Pro membership for. Dos for mac.

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Thank you so much for this.
Unfortunately, my fat finger clicked on 1 star by mistake, not 5. Trackpad is too sensitive for me.

How does this 'make more sense'? They both seem equal to me. (It's an extension of the cut-and-paste metaphor, so it makes sense. Copy then move-here doesn't seem inherently better.)
That being said, this is good to know, so thanks for the tip!

'Cut and Paste' as it applies to contents within documents is based on a real-life activity that predates digital workflows. There has never been any action outside of the digital realm that corresponds to copying and pasting a file. From that point of view, 'move' certainly makes more sense.

It makes more sense because it gives you more opportunity to decide what to do with the files you already have selected. Select files, find destination, then copy or move.
The alternatives are: mark-copy-source, find destination, then copy; or remove-into-limbo, find destination, then move. Got that? Not exactly intuitive, is it?

This is why Cut and Paste is a bad metaphor in the Finder. CnP works like this in every app. Let's take a text app for example. You select a paragraph and select Cut. The paragraph is now gone and put on the clipboard. You take a brake and come back and select a new paragraph and select Cut. What's just happened? The new paragraph is now deleted and put onto the clipboard and the paragraph the was on the clipboard is now gone for good.
Now apply these same steps to the Finder only instead of paragraphs selected files. When you cut the first file it is deleted but you can get it back by pasting it, that is until you cut the second file at which point you have deleted the first file for good, holy crap! I doubt very much that's what the user had in mind.
You want to protect the user from making thous kinds of mistakes. Apples implementation does just that and preserves CnPs implementation as well.

I hope they've figured out how to guarantee atomic saves and deletes. That is, I hope the Finder know how to check its work and NOT delete the original UNTIL it verifies that the new copy is valid.

Madness takes its toll.
Please have exact change.

I'm not so sure about this. I think file loss may occur, in this and in the Save As situation—how much do you want to trust the OS with your files? Or, how much rechecking against possible loss do you want to do?
Waiting to see how this all pans out. I like Lion; I don't like the number of choices removed for any halfway experienced user.

Great news. Thanks!

After copying the item, you can simply right click while holding the option key and 'Paste Item' changes to 'Move Item Here'.
I find this much easer than trying to push all three keys with one hand, as I think many would do following this hint.

Is there any reason why it isn't working at all for me? Do I need to set something special to enable it?

Cut Net For Mac Pro

Please ignore the previous message. Now it works. I wonder what I did wrong.

So this copies the files just as one would expect, but for me it does not move them. I still have to go back on delete them. This doubles my organizing time easily. Any thoughts? Running lion.


A UX metaphor that stretches my hand to keyboard is one badly cooked for a mac. Anyway thanks for tip.

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